Upstairs Bedroom 2

This bedroom is actually large enough for 2 bedrooms, and is perfect for two younger children to share. There is plenty of storage/closet place for 2 children. There are also two built-in desk areas that are perfect for study areas.

Notice in the pictures how one desk is built-in to the right side of the security shuttered window, and the other desk is built-in on the left side of the security shuttered window. When the security shutters are down, the home is virtually impenetrable; when the shutters are up you would never know they existed. They roll up into the space above the window and are invisible.

The European look shutters are featured on all exterior windows. As you look at the various pictures of the inside of the home, notice the different looks you can achieve with the security shutters open, partially closed to let the cool ocean breezes pass through the house, or completely closed for security and to keep the heat in during the winter.